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Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services

Your Premier Choice in House Cleaning Services

Competent Cleaning Professional

We are friendly, respectful, love to clean, and want to be in your home. Unlike other Tulsa house cleaners, we are Certified Professional House Cleaners and went through an extensive training program, exam, and certification process. We are also fully insured to protect your home and belongings.

Child and Pet Friendly Cleaning Products

We only use the highest quality natural cleaning products. Your home will never be serviced with dangerous chemicals and will only be cleaned with 100% organic, natural, hand made products. Germs and bacteria do not stand a chance and you have the peace of mind knowing that your children, guests, and pets can safely touch anything I clean.

Same Maid

Unlike 99% of other maid services in Tulsa, you will have the same Home Cleaning Tech for your scheduled cleaning every time. You will know who is in your home and have the peace of mind that your maid will know your preferences.


We speak, write, and read fluent English.


Your time is valuable! We will show up on the day and time we promised. 

Do You Have Time To Clean?


If you are looking for the best Professional House Cleaning in Tulsa then Katie's Peachy Clean wants to be your only choice! We are Professional Certified Cleaning Technicians and have the experience to make your house shine like new. Whether you love coming home and enjoying a bubble bath or you need your house to sparkle for your upcoming party, we can give you back the time you deserve at prices you can afford. Katie's Peachy Clean has the reputation for the quality and care you need. We want you to Come Home and Relax.


One Time Cleans

Deep Cleaning Service
House Cleaning Service Tulsa
Maid Service
Move In Cleaning

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