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Organize Your Home In One Weekend - Best House Cleaning Service - Tulsa

The task of cleaning and organizing your home can be overwhelming at times. The good news is, for most homes it’s possible to conquer this task in a one weekend!

At Katie's Peachy Clean, we were voted one of the best house cleaning services in Tulsa and our goal is to help make your life easier. If you’re looking at the daunting task of organizing your home, it might not be as bad as you think.

In fact, some of the best house cleaning services suggest breaking it down into manageable steps. Use these tips to help get your home organized this weekend.

Reduce Clutter

By reducing clutter in your home, you’ll spend less time organizing piles and messes. Take a weekend to go through your home and donate or get rid of household items, clothes, and toys your family no longer uses.

If you’ve accumulated lots of “stuff” over the years, consider going room by room and reducing the clutter in each room before moving on to the next. By downsizing the amount of clutter in your home over the weekend, organizing the rest of your home will be easy!

Organize Drawers

Organize drawers based on the hierarchy of importance. Put important office gadgets in higher drawers based on their use.

Do the same for kitchen drawers and find a location for miscellaneous items to avoid more than one “junk drawer” in your house. Throw all junk drawer items into a bucket and decide if you need them or if there’s a better place to organize miscellaneous gadgets. With organized drawers, you’ll find what you need in an instant.

Use Bins or Baskets

As you reduce clutter in your home, use bins or baskets to keep remaining items organized. These are great to use in living rooms or kid toys in play areas. Organize shoes or sweaters in your closet with baskets for a clean view. In your living room have a little tray or basket for your remote controls and other frequently used items. Bins or baskets not only look great, they make it easier to locate items when you need them.

Designate Play Zones

To reduce messes around your home, designate a play area for children. This may be in a separate room or an area in the living room with baskets of toys (as mentioned above). Though playtime can appear as a creative mess, designating a specific area for imagination and play can help keep the rest of your house more organized.

Tackle Piles

Does paper or mail stack up on your counters or in your home office? Take this weekend to conquer these piles once and for all. Toss unnecessary paperwork or mail and make files with clearly marked labels for anything worth keeping. Before you keep it, ask yourself one more time, “Is this necessary?” Have a nice foyer table. On top of this table have a little basket to put keys in and other "on-the-go" items. You can also have a little file box for your mail and important papers. You can find these in the office supply section of a store. Underneath the table have little bins for shoes.

If you’re looking for help cleaning your home, Katie's Peachy Clean offers the best house cleaning services in Tulsa. We’ll tackle the dirty work for you. Get a Free Quote or call (918) 640-3019 to schedule your next cleaning.


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