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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have to pick up the home before the cleaning?

In order for us to better clean your home it's best to pick up any clutter, laundry, or dirty dishes. We can pick up as we clean but this may take away from the actual cleaning of your home. We want to be able to give you the best clean possible by getting to every nook and cranny.

What about supplies and equipment?

Our mission at Katie's Peachy Clean is to remove the toxic chemicals from your home. We provide a first-rate professional cleaning service to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or just simply wish to have a truly cleaner and healthier home. In order to achieve this high level of cleaning, we use a holistic approach in our service. Our cleaning products are handmade using organic and non-toxic ingredients that are not only safe for you and your family, but also your fur babies. We also provide our own equipment such as vacuums and mops.

Will I always have the same people cleaning my home?

At Katie's Peachy Clean we want our team to become a part of your family. Once you get on a regular maintenance cleaning schedule, we will strive to always provide you with the same team. That way they can get to know your home, and you can get to know them.

Pet Friendly Cleaners

As anyone with an animal can attest, pets are often one of the happiest - and messiest - additions to any family. Aside from the satisfaction of giving a homeless animal a place to live, having pets also gives us plenty of reasons to open our hearts, our doors, and...Our cleaning cabinets. Pet-owners have a special set of problems when it comes to house cleaning. There's the hair, the stains, the accidents, the hair, the footprints, and the hair. Staying on top of it is crucial. Our pet friendly cleaners do the work so you can spend more time with your pets instead of a mop and broom.

Pet Friendy Cleaning

Reliable Cleaning Service

We know how important it is to you that we show up, on time, every time. We will always strive to accomplish this. The only exceptions are inclement weather that would make it unsafe for us to travel, or an observed holiday on your scheduled house cleaning day.

Call or e mail me today to book a green house cleaning in Tulsa, OK.

Reliable Cleaning Service
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