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Great Gift Ideas For Mother's Day (Including a great House Cleaning Offer)

It goes without saying that mothers are superheroes (but we'll say it anyways because it bears repeating). They basically do the impossible; they schedule, they taxi, they bathe, they clothe, they clean, they follow up, and they follow through. What they can't always do however, is find room for all the homemade and heartfelt sentiments they get on mothers day.

I know people have a weird thing about giving moms practical gifts on Mother's day, and I can't for the life of me see why. You could spend a ton of money on a flower arrangement, OR you could buy me a vacuum that works harder than I do. You could take me to a fancy dinner, OR you could get my car detailed (please). You could help the kids create page after page of of adorable Mother's Day sentiments, or you could hand me one handmade card with a note that said you folded and put away all the laundry. You could buy me diamond stud earrings, wait, diamond stud earrings are a good call.

If you've been wracking your brain for the perfect Mother's Day gift, consider a few alternatives that don't add to the clutter of the house or the Mom Guilt that comes with having to pick which homemade items to keep and which ones to store or re purpose.

*For Moms with a green thumb: Give her a potted plant tree yo put in the yard to mark season after season of love and gratitude.

*For Moms who love nature: Bird feeders and bird houses can add an element of outdoor fun and learning.

*For Moms who need more time for themselves: Consider a massage, a package of yoga classes, or a get out of the House Free Card.

*For Moms who don't get a chance to shop (or love to do so): Get her a gift card to her favorite store.

*For Moms who do it all: Hire a cleaning service for a once-over or bi-weekly clean to help her free up some time to do what she loves (which probably isn't cleaning bathrooms)

*For Moms on the go: Treat her to a car wash and interior detail service. This can be done professionally or as an activity you do with the kids.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a mom. I LOVE homemade cards and breakfast in bed and whatever else my kids have planned for the day. I don't always love cleaning up the glitter and doing the dishes afterward, but even those tasks are easier when I know I'm heading out for my Mother's Day massage in my spotless car or have a cleaning service on the way.

The truth is, the perfect Mother's Day gift is the one that makes her feel seen and appreciated, and the one that helps her make the most of her valuable time and energy.


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