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How often should I have my home cleaned? Tulsa,OK House Cleaning Service

How often should I have my home cleaned?

What a fantastic question!

There are a lot of factors to consider, but here are some things I have noticed that our clients at Katie's Peachy Clean house cleaning choose:

Weekly Cleaning Service

This is a service for people who work very demanding jobs. The ones that are so ultra-busy that they don't even have the time to wipe down their counters. This could also be for people who have multiple children, pets, or both. The sticky fingers and pet hair just add up so quickly it's close to impossible to try and keep up.

Biweekly Cleaning Service

This is the best for most busy families. This is great for people who are good at keeping on top of daily tasks such as wiping down counters and doing dishes, but things such as cleaning the toilet, wiping off the stove, vacuuming and/or mopping are just really hard to find the time and energy for. This is also great for busy adults who live alone but are too busy at work and the last thing they want to do is use their free time on household chores.

Monthly Cleaning Service

You might be surprised to know that we have a lot of stay at home moms as clients. Most opt for monthly cleaning. That one glorious day a month where the entire home is cleaned top to bottom and you didn't miss things by getting distracted by the little ones, and of course you didn't have to do it yourself. This is also great for retired persons who can't bend over, push, or scrub like they use to but don't really make a big mess anymore.

Things to consider:

Budget - how much are you willing to spend on house cleaning? If you value a clean home but don't have the time (or energy) to do it yourself, biweekly or monthly might be a good match for you. If money is no object and you would rather have a magic house that seems to clean itself, then weekly is for you!

Dirt Tolerance - some people have a very high tolerance for dirt. Others have a meticulous eye that looks to make everything in the world beautiful and perfect. If you have a large family or lots of pets (or both!), you may want to think about weekly or biweekly cleaning. If it's just you living in the space, then maybe all you need is once a month.

Schedule - this can be huge when deciding how often to have us come clean. If you work from home, it might be super inconvenient for us to be in your space - maybe not - it depends on how you roll. Maybe your kids schedule changes frequently, in which case monthly might be easier for you.

It's up to you!

We are more than happy to offer options. And if the price isn't right for you we can ALWAYS customize a maid service plan that will fit into your budget.


Katie Hampton


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