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How To Get The Most Out Of Your House Cleaning Service in Tulsa, OK

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Investing in a home cleaning service is a big deal for most people. If you have never had the experience of having someone come clean your home before, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Your home is your safe and private place. It's important that you choose a company that treats your sanctuary and belongings with the proper respect.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your experience with Katie's Peachy Clean.


At Katie's Peachy Clean, we have a very specific system of how we clean.

Efficient cleaning is VERY important and we have spent years refining our system so we can get more clean with less time.

Here is an overview of our "sequence" for cleaning your home:

1. High dusting

2. Bathrooms

3. Short dusting/making beds

4. Kitchen

5. Floors

We always work in that order for each section of your home. If you have 2 floors then we start upstairs and finish up there completely before moving downstairs. In the downstairs area we like to start in the master bedroom/bathroom since this is the area that will take the most time to clean. That way we know how much time we have left for the rest of your home. From there we like to work in sections of the home working our way to our exit, whether it be the front door or the garage, mopping ourselves out as to never have to walk back on clean floors.

You will get more cleaned in less time if you let us work our system. It also helps, but is in no way required, if no one is home. It is your home so of course you are always welcome there, but it just helps if we aren't interrupted.

Tidying and preparing your home

The fewer things that are out the better the whole house will be cleaned. This is the proverbial "cleaning for the cleaners"

You may want to get all the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and have the kids pick up their rooms. We do empty waste baskets as part of our cleaning regime but we don't pick up excessive amounts of trash laying throughout the home so you will want to make sure all trash you want to be cleared are in the trash bins for us.

As for pets - we are very pet friendly and have no problem with roaming pets as long as they are friendly. A few disclaimers for roaming pets:

- They will re-distribute dirt and hair throughout your home once cleaned, and walk on the freshly mopped floors.

- We don't clean up any pet messes involving urine, feces, or vomit

- We aren't responsible for pets running out of the home so if your pet is a flight risk you may want to set them up in a secured room, a kennel, the garage, or outside.

That said, we are human too and we know that life happens so if it's not picked up we will still clean to the best of our ability around some clutter but if it's picked up first you'll get a better bang for you buck.

It WILL be more difficult for us to get more actual cleaning done if the majority of the surfaces in your home is covered up by clutter

Here is how we decide how to dust a cluttered surface:

- Are there 10 items or LESS on a small surface area? Is the area LESS than 50% covered? Yes - move each item to dust underneath, and dust the item before placing back


We take communication very seriously. We prefer to communicate through written means.

The BEST way to let us know things is to email us. We send you a reminder email (3 days before your cleaning day) This is a great time for you to let us know of any special areas you would like for us to focus on.

We can fluently read, write, and speak English so you are more than welcome to leave a quick note on cleaning day.

We are trained professionals but if there is ever a time that you feel we could have done better in/on a certain area - we want to know about it so we can fix it! We offer a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee on our services so if you let us know about something missed the day of or after your cleaning we will come back and re clean that area free of charge for you!

Thank You For Choosing Katie's Peachy Clean For Your House Cleaning Needs!

If you haven't yet - request a free quote!


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