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How To Make The Perfect Bed

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, but often times it’s just a rectangle in the middle of the room with some blankets thrown on it. Have you ever wondered how to make your bed look as picture perfect as the ones you see in magazines? And furthermore, have you ever questioned if it’s actually worth making the bed every morning?

To answer the latter question, the latest report from Psychology Today indicates that over 70 percent of morning bed-makers consider themselves happy, whereas over 60 percent of non-bed-makers consider themselves unhappy. Is a straightened comforter the route to joy? It doesn’t hurt to find out! And to help you make your bed as perfect as the ones in TV shows and magazine spreads, here’s a helpful guide:

Step 1: Invest in Good Quality Sheets and Tuck Them in

Much like your clothes, your skin is going to feel your sheets for at least eight hours a day. So invest in great quality! While you don’t need to buy 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton, it is important to get something that’s going to feel comfortable night after night. Once you have the ones you want, start making your bed by putting on the fitted sheet first. Make sure that all the corners are lined up and pulled extra tight. Next, place the top sheet on the fitted sheet. Make sure it is even on all sides of the bed.

Step 2: Add a Thin Blanket

Find a thin blanket that complements the color scheme of your bedding and lay it over the top sheet. Think comfort and texture. Tightly tuck the sides of the top sheet and blanket under the mattress. When winter starts blowing in, consider investing in a microfiber, fleece, or wool blanket to best trap the heat and keep you warm at night.

Step 3: Spread Out the Comforter

Whether you have a duvet or a comforter, drape it over the blanket. The comforter should be centered on top of the bed with equal amounts of overhang on the sides and bottom. Then, fold over the top half of the comforter to reveal the top sheet and blanket underneath. At the head of the bed, fold the top sheet and blanket over together about 12 inches on top of the folded comforter. Coverlets are also popular these days. These are thicker blankets that can act as a lightweight comforter during the summer months.

Step 4: Throw on the Pillows

Start with the pillows you will be sleeping with and put them up against the headboard. For a king size mattress you'll want to use two king size pillows or three standard size pillows. That way you can have a line of pillows all the way across the headboard. For the second row you can add another set of 3 standard pillows or two king sized pillows (This is optional). For the third row, use three larger accent pillows to cover the standard pillows or two king sized shams. Then, add the small decorative pillows to match. For example, you can place two small square pillows with a smaller pillow in front like a round pillow or a neck pillow. If you tend to sit up in your bed to watch TV or work on your computer, your back will appreciate the extra support.

Step 5: Add Details

Adding a folded quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed can add another layer of visual interest to the overall look of your bed. Be careful not to get too crazy with the patterns, but if it fits within the design, go for it!

What’s the best part of having an inviting bed? Getting into those crisp cool sheets after a long day and drifting off into a good night’s sleep. And remember, if you don’t feel like changing the linens yourself, Katie's Peachy Clean can help. Making beds is always included in our house cleaning services. We’re here to up tidy up and clean your bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

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