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Move in/Move out cleaning in Tulsa, OK

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

There are few things more stressful than moving. Throw packing, pitching, and planning on top of kids, work, school, sports, and sleep ( if you can get it), and you may be left wondering how you're going to pull it all off.

Thanks to Katie's Peachy Clean, one thing you don't need to worry about when you're packing and unpacking a new house or rental property is getting your new or old place cleaned up. We'll take care of it so you can move in, move out, and move forward.

Here is our cleaning checklist for a move in/move out cleaning service:

Throughout the entire home:

- Remove all of the cobwebs from the corners, ceiling, and walls.

- Use a 2-step ladder to gently clean light fixtures and ceiling fans by hand.

- Dust the air vents.

- Dust all window blinds/window sills.

- Glass doors cleaned on the outside and the inside.

- Vacuum/mop all floors including inside closets and pantries


- Showers are treated for mold/mildew/and soap scum, scrubbed, disinfected, and then dried out, polishing faucet fixtures as well

- Shower glass doors are treated for hard water spots, scrubbed, and cleaned with a glass cleaner to finish

- Bathtubs are treated for mold/mildew/and soap scum, scrubbed, disinfected, and then dried out.

- Toilets are scrubbed inside the bowl, disinfected, and then wiped on top, fronts, sides, and bottom, including all surrounding floors and baseboards.

- Clean mirrors to a streak-free finish. Sink and counter disinfected and scrubbed clean. And we polish all of the faucets.

Kitchen/Eat-in area/utility room:

- Scrub down the back-splash with extra attention to high use areas like around the stove and sink.

- Disinfect and scrub clean all counter tops.

- Clean inside and outside of microwave if applicable

- Strip/disassemble stove top grates to clean them thoroughly

- Treat stove top for grease. Scrub, disinfect, and then polish to finish

- Scrub and disinfect sink, and then dry out and polish if applicable

- Wipe down outside of larger appliances and polish stainless steel

- Utility room: Wipe down tops, fronts, and sides of washer and dryer unit if applicable


*Must be requested when setting up the appointment. All of these add-ons would be charged at the hourly price you are quoted for the cleaning.

- Vacuuming/Washing inside kitchen/bathroom cabinets and drawers

- Washing the exterior of kitchen/bathroom cabinets and drawers

- Washing woodwork; baseboards, doors, door frames

- Hand washing window blinds

- Washing interior window glass

- Cleaning interior of the refrigerator

- Cleaning interior of the oven

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