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Recurring House Cleaning Service - Tulsa, OK

Updated: Feb 22, 2019 want a self cleaning house?

We are the people to provide that bit of magic for you.

Our "Maintenance Cleans" are here to help maintain that fantastic WOW of the "Deep Clean"

Our Cleaning Process:

When we first enter your home we will start on the upstairs of the home if you have a two-story house. Once we completely finish the upstairs we will start our whole cleaning process over on the downstairs of your home. Here is a rundown of our cleaning sequence:

High dust:

* Dust all ceiling fans and cobwebs with a high duster

*Dust all window blinds, including window locks and window sills

Dust can take 1-2 hours to completely settle so after we high dust we like to move onto cleaning the bathrooms before we do our short dusting to make sure the dust is done settling and won't attach as much to our freshly cleaned surfaces

Bathroom Cleaning:

*Shake out and remove bathmats

*Scrub shower and/or bathtub with our all natural soap solution, leaving areas dry and completely wiped out

*Scrub away hard water spots on shower glass doors

*Toilet cleaned thoroughly including wiping surrounding floors and baseboards

*Pumice water ring in toilet if necessary

*Clean mirror with streak-free solution and a learned finesse

*Sink and counter cleaned - moving items to clean underneath them and cleaning items before placing them back

*A careful consideration of your toothbrushes - our cleaner is nontoxic, but it doesn't taste fantastic so we're careful about over-spray

*A quick wipe down of cabinet and drawer facings

*Empty all trash and re line waste baskets

*Vacuum and hand mop bathroom floors on hands and knees

Now we are ready to go back to our dry areas and do our short dusting and tidying up.

Short Dust:

*Dust all surfaces with a solution on a microfiber towel - our goal is to remove dust, not just move it. (A dry dusting on electronics, of course.)

*We dust EVERYTHING (except fragile items and in that case we go around it with a duster), such as headboards, nightstands, shelves, entertainment centers, picture frames...we touch everything. All furniture will get dusted on their tops, front, sides, and underneath if accessible.

*Lightly dust baseboards

*Make the beds - or change the sheets if clean linens are left out for us

*Tidy room appearance. We fold towels, we fold blankets, we fluff pillows. If there are a few kids toys left out we can put those away or straighten them up against the wall.

*Gather all trash and re-line all cans with trash bags that are provided by us. We don't want you to have to worry about providing any supplies for us, we come prepared!

Finish the upstairs with the floors:

*Vacuum floors (note: we will open all doors to make sure we aren't missing anything and to vacuum closets if the floors are accessible)

*Wash all bare-floors if applicable

*Stairs will be vacuumed unless they are hardwood in which case we will hand mop them

Then we will move on to the downstairs and repeat the whole process above, starting with the high dusting, then the bathrooms, then the short dusting. We like to finish with the kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning:

*Spot clean outside of cabinets and drawers

*Get those pesky cobwebs that grow on the kick board

*Spot clean back splash with extra attention to high use areas such as around sink and stove-top

*Move items on the counter to clean into the corners and wipe those items down before replacing them

*Wipe down small counter top appliances

*Clean inside and outside of microwave

*Wipe down outside of large appliances and polish stainless steel

*Wipe inside and outside of stove hood

*Disassemble stove-top to clean it thoroughly in the sink. While the grates are soaking we will clean the stove-top including underneath the oven knobs.

*Spot clean window over sink

*If there are a couple of dishes left in the sink we will put them in the dishwasher if there's room, if there's no room or there are a lot of dishes we will just remove them, clean the sink, and then put them back in the sink.

*Scrub and wipe out sink

Now, the last thing we do is the downstairs floors. We save these for last and like to vacuum and mop our way out of your home. That way they stay clean until you get back home! We have an amazing commercial HEPA vacuum for your carpets and a commercial grade backpack vacuum that we use for your bare floors. We then use a flat microfiber mop head pre-soaked in our cleaning solution for your bare floors. This solution is all natural (No vinegar) and is safe for all floor types.

*Living room upholstery vacuumed

*Carpeted stairs vacuumed

*Vacuum floors

*Wash all bare-floors

Now get ready to come home and enjoy your clean home!

Contact us today for a quick free house cleaning estimate!

Eco-Friendly green house cleaning service in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Katie Hampton


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