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Tips on keeping up with bathroom cleaning

I'll open with the obvious: No one likes to clean bathrooms. Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are the most difficult rooms to keep clean, and also one of the most important. It's not the task itself that's hard; it's just that you have to keep doing it. And it's not exactly fun.

So let's find ways to make it less painful.

Clear the air:

Out of all the culprits that derail most bathroom cleaning efforts, moisture is the biggest one. It causes mildew, discolors grout, leaves water spots, and make towels smell. Tackle moisture, and you'll tackle half your bathroom cleaning woes.

*Use a shower squeegee:

A couple of extra minutes after a shower to pull excess moisture from the walls will go a long way in keeping your grout dry and mildew-free. And this is much better than cleaning each discolored grout line with an old toothbrush.

*Use a water repellent on your shower doors:

That's right, what works for your windshields can also work for your bath and shower (just make sure to read the instructions). Water repellents help water, soap, and minerals scoot down the drain before they have the chance to linger and cloud your aspirations of a clean bathroom.

*Run the exhaust fan:

Your bathroom exhaust fan should be running while you take a shower and for about 20 minutes afterward. Not only will it help prevent mildew from forming on your shower surfaces, but it can also help dry your damp towels, which also suffer.

*Don't forget the shower curtain:

After a shower make sure to close the shower curtain so that it's every surface has access to the air. It will dry much more quickly this way.

Clear your surfaces:

Like any other room in the house, your bathroom could probably use some de-cluttering. Start with expired medications, and then work your way from your medicine cabinet down to your cupboards, shelves, and drawers. Throw away any makeup/hair care/skin care products that you don't use (haven't used it it in the last 6 months to a year? - toss it).

Make a scheduled time for bathroom cleaning:

A bathroom cleaning routine is best placed on your calendar. Whether it's a daily check or a weekly wipe down, a consistent routine will keep the workload down. This doesn't mean you have to do it all, all the time. You can break it up: Every morning try wiping down the dirtiest areas. After your tooth brushing, spray down your mirror, counters/sink, and toilet with a glass cleaner. Grab a rag and do a quick wipe down of your mirror, then your counter, then your sink, then your toilet, and then toss it. That way when the weekend comes and you want to clean your home, all that's left is the shower/tub/toilet bowl and floors.

Outsource the bathroom cleaning:

Every once in a while, it helps to get help. Which is why it's perfectly okay to hire a cleaning service. Especially since a professional maid service has the tools, the know-how, and the motivation to make sure your bathrooms gets the clean they - and you - deserve. Don't really want to commit to a full service recurring maid service? No problem - a deep clean once or twice a work can still do wonders for your home and will help it stay in tip top condition. That way you don't have to do the really daunting tasks like hand washing woodwork and window blinds. Leave all that up to us!

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