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Tips on keeping up with living room cleaning

It's so easy to be lazy in living rooms. After all, everything about them - from their couches to their foot rests to their televisions - says, "Come. Sit down. Lounge." Unfortunately for many of us, these rooms also say, "Ack. Mess.", which makes the sitting down and lounging harder to do.

I'm going to give you some tips on how you can tackle living room chaos and clutter once and for all.

We all know the saying, "A place for everything and everything in it;s place." but we don't always use it properly. If you can't find a place to put something, it probably A.) doesn't belong in your living room; B.) doesn't belong in your house or; C.) doesn't belong in your life. Remember, the less you have to clean around in your living room, the less you have to clean around.

No clothes in the living room.

No, this isn't that kind of household. But shoes, socks, coats, and hats have no business being in a room that typically doesn't have a closet or a bed. If you want to kick your shoes off when you get home, put them where they belong. One caveat to this rule; you can totally fold laundry here - just commit to putting it away.

Read and recycle.

Magazines, newspaper, and mail can pile up quickly. To curb the clutter, make a habit of recycling your periodicals as soon as you are done reading them. If you don't have time to read everything that lands in your mailbox, reduce your subscriptions or find online versions of them instead.

Be a basket-case.

Nothing wrangles in rogue remote controls, pillows, blankets, and DVDs like a basket - just make sue each grouping gets one of it's own. When it's easy to find, it's also easy to put away.

Toe the line.

Vacuum lines are awesome, right? Make them at least once a week with a high-quality vacuum. The general rule is the more people, pets, and use a room sees, the more you should vacuum.

Commit to a daily routine.

For a room that sees daily use, it should see a daily decluttering before you turn out the lights. This ensures it's ready for you the next time you want to put your feet up, or if you find yourself a surprise host for a friend or neighbor. There's nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you always have a place you can sit.

Hire a professional.

While we won't be able to completely declutter for you we will be able to put things back in their rightful places. We can also take care off all the dusting, cleaning of water rings, food, and finger smudges off of coffee and end tables. Leave the vacuuming up to use because not only do we vacuum your visible floor area we also get as far behind and under furniture as we can and vacuum on top of couches and chairs.

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Katie Hampton


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