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Katie's Peachy Clean Policies & Procedures - House Cleaning Service Tulsa, OK

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

These policies are in place to help us deliver exceptional service to ALL of our clients every visit. Please read through them.

- Phone/Office hours - We are available by phone 7 days a week 8:30am – 7:30pm; if we do not answer leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible or you can send in a text message. Please reserve inquires and cancellations during office hours.

- Cleaning Hours - We are available for cleaning Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

- Holidays - We will be fully closed on these following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day

- Rescheduling/Cancellations & Fees - Service reliability is extremely important. We will turn down business to not disrupt your scheduled cleaning. Please show the same respect. We request that you give us a minimum of 48 hours advance notice (Monday clients must call/text before 5:00 on the previous Friday), Failure to provide adequate notice will result in a cancellation fee. If less than a 48 hour notice is given there will be a 50% charge of your cleaning amount, same day cancellations result in a 100% charge of your cleaning amount. A Credit or Debit Card will be saved on file & automatically billed for services the morning of service. We understand that circumstances arise that require a cancellation, but if a client has excessive cancellations we reserve the right to canceling all future cleanings.

- Lock Outs - If we arrive to your home and you forgot to leave the door open, leave a key or the team needs to leave without cleaning for any reason, you will be charged 100% of your cleaning cost. We will call you when we arrive and aren't able to get in. If you don't answer will will wait a maximum of 15 minutes to receive a call back before we have to move on and reschedule your cleaning.

- Home Entry - You may be home to allow us in, but in some cases you may need to provide us with a way of entry. The following ways are accepted: Leaving a door unlocked for us (must be a door that doesn't require us to go past a backyard fence), hiding a key for us, providing a door code, lock-box code, or a garage code. We do not currently store keys.

- Safety Policies -

- In the event of a flood warning, heavy snow/ice, or other poor weather conditions we may need to skip your clean in order to keep our teams safe. We’ll do our best to reschedule to the earliest available appointment.

- Due to our insurance policy we are not permitted to step higher than our 2-step step ladder, or lift heavy objects or furniture. We are also required to wear shoes at all times, if you prefer not to have shoes worn in your home you are welcome to provide us with shoe covers to wear.

- We love pets! If your furry friends are friendly and non-disruptive to our cleaning routines, there’s no need to put them away or relocate them during our services. For the safety of our cleaners we do ask that if they are even the slightest bit aggressive they are safely secured either in a crate, garage, outside, or a closed room that will not be cleaned. For sanitary and health safety we also do not clean animal vomit, feces, urine or litter boxes.

- We possess the right to decline services if we feel our team members or our company could be put in harms way, be treated with disrespect, taken advantage of, or slandered.

- Products & Supplies - All of our vacuums have HEPA filters and are safe for people with allergies. Our cleaning products are also all natural and organic and contain no harmful fumes. For the health & well being of our team members, we are unable to use any other products or equipment. If a team member is asked to use a product or tool during a clean it will be politely be declined. NO CLEANING TOOLS OR AGENTS OUTSIDE OF OUR SUPPLY WILL BE USED OR CONSIDERED

- Before & After Pictures -
 We may take before & after pictures of your home. We share these with home owners so that they can see our work and as a quality control instrument. We publish before and after pictures on our social media as a type of portfolio. Pictures are up close and will not be so broad as to identify your home. Any family photos caught in the pictures will be blurred out. We honor a homeowners privacy and will not post pictures on social media if specifically requested

- Breakage policy -
 If one of our employees accidentally breaks an item a message will be left offering to replace the item or reimburse the item. Items that are not securely stable on the walls will not be our responsibility. All wall hangings must be secure.

- Satisfaction Guarantee - Your satisfaction is our #1 Priority, therefore we provide a guarantee on all of our cleaning services. Any necessary adjustments must be reported to our office within 24 hours of the cleaning date for a resolution by one of our cleaning staff members. We do not issue refunds. We will offer a free re-clean of the area within the same week.

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