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NEW! Sanitation and Disinfecting services - House Cleaning in Tulsa, OK

NEW! Sanitizing and disinfecting services

-Please read the full description of this new service below as this is different from our cleaning services

*What IS included:

Bedrooms/living areas:

Dusting/Wiping down all furniture with disinfectant Wiping down all items on furniture with disinfectantWiping down all touch points in room such as light switch plates and doorknobs with disinfectant Vacuuming floors/mopping with disinfectant


Doing a LIGHT pre-clean of all surfaces to get them ready for sanitationDisinfecting the countertops, fixtures, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets Light cleaning of mirrors and glass shower doors Wiping down all touch points with disinfectant: doorknobs, light switch plates, and cabinets/drawers Vacuuming/mopping with disinfectant


Doing a LIGHT pre-clean of all surfaces to get them ready for sanitationDisinfecting: outside of all appliances, stovetop, sink, countertop, and fixtures Disinfecting the dining room table and chairs Wiping down all touch points with disinfectant such as: light switch plates, cabinet/drawer facings, and doorknobs. Vacuuming/mopping with disinfectant

What’s NOT included in this service:

Bedrooms/living areas:

Dusting cobwebs, light fixtures, window blinds/sills, or ceiling fans Making beds or tidying up Washing any woodwork such as doors or baseboards (only around doorknobs)


Dusting of light fixtures, window blinds/sills, cobwebs, or vents Cleaning any build up such as: mold, mildew, hard water, or soap scum. All areas need to be free of all build up to be disinfected properlyWashing of any woodwork such as (doors, baseboards, cabinets/drawers - only around handles and knobs)


Dusting cobwebs or blinds/sillsCleaning glass on doors Inside the microwave Any build up of grease or food on the stovetop (this needs to be cleaned prior to be properly disinfected)Polishing stainless steel appliances Washing of any woodwork (doors, baseboards, cabinets/drawers -only around handles and knobs)

*If there is an excess of pet hair on the floor we ask that this gets swept/vacuumed prior to our arrival. We will vacuum but our main priority will be mopping with the disinfectant

*Hallways/staircases do count as 1 dry room all combined together

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