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Katie's Peachy Clean Cleaning Checklist - House Cleaning Service in Tulsa, OK

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Throughout the entire home:

- We start by removing all of the cobwebs from the corners, ceiling, and walls. - We bring a 2-step ladder with us to gently dust light fixtures and ceiling fans.

- We also dust air vents and all window blinds and window sills.


- We start by shaking and taking out the bathmats. We will also vacuum them if possible

- Showers are pre-treated (mold, mildew, and soap scum), scrubbed, and then dried out, polishing faucet fixtures as well

- Shower glass doors are treated for hard water spots, scrubbed, and cleaned with a glass cleaner to finish

- Bathtubs are pre-treated (mold, mildew, and soap scum) scrubbed and then dried out.

- Toilets are scrubbed inside the bowl, and then wiped on top, fronts, sides, and bottom with disinfectant, including all surrounding floors and baseboards.

- Clean mirrors to a streak-free finish.

-Sink and counter disinfected and scrubbed clean - moving items to clean underneath them. We disinfect and wipe down items as we put them back. And we polish all of the faucets.

- We make sure to tidy up by folding the towels, emptying the waste baskets, and re-lining them.

- To finish up the bathrooms we vacuum them, and then hand wash them on our hands and knees, and then once they dry we replace the bathmats.

General Cleaning of all living areas and bedrooms:

- Dusting: We use a damp microfiber cloth with dusting solution to remove the dust instead of just moving it around. Dry microfiber on electronics, of course.

- We dust all furniture tops, fronts, and sides (this includes but is not limited to: bed frames, bookshelves, desks, nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, and entertainment centers)

- We dust all shelves and picture frames reachable with a 2-step stepladder

- We also clean glass mirrors that are safely reachable and sturdy

- Clean the glass on office/study doors and clean the inside and outside glass of the front and back door

- Make all of the beds (For safety reasons we do not make beds that are top bunks or loft beds). Linen service to change bed sheets is also available as an add-on ($10 per bed)

- Vacuum upholstery cushions in the living room.

- Remove all trash and re-line waste baskets.

Kitchen/Eat-in area:

- We'll scrub down the back-splash with extra attention to high use areas like around the stove and sink.

- Move all items on the counter to clean into the corners and wipe all of those items down before replacing them. Disinfecting and scrubbing clean all counter tops and items

- Wipe down small counter top appliances (Toaster, coffee machine, can opener)

- Clean inside and outside of microwave.

- Strip/disassemble stove top grates to clean them thoroughly with degreaser

- Treat stove top for grease and burnt on food. Scrub, and then polish to finish, including underneath oven knobs.

- Scrub and disinfect sink, and then dry out and polish if applicable

- Wipe down outside of larger appliances and polish stainless steel.

- Empty and re-line kitchen waste basket

- For the eat-in area we will clean the glass door inside and outside

- Wipe down and disinfect the table, chairs, and chair legs

- Utility room: Wipe down tops, fronts, and sides of washer and dryer unit. Clean counters and sink if applicable.


- Vacuuming: We vacuum all carpet as well as bare floors (we don't use brooms as those will only fly the dirt around), getting as far under beds as we can reach, and vacuuming under small/medium sized rugs.

- Stairways: Stair rails will be hand wiped and dusted, carpeted stairs will be vacuumed and hardwood stairs will be hand washed

- Mopping: We use a brand new mop head for each room to make sure they are getting cleaned with fresh new solution. We never double-dip our mop into our floor cleaning bucket. Paying special attention to hard wood making sure are mops are not overly wet.

Deep Cleaning Tasks On Rotation (These tasks aren't included in the first two visits which are more dedicated to build up on the main surfaces of your home. These will begin on rotation on your 3rd scheduled cleaning and then done on an as-needed basis)

- Hand washing all baseboards

- Hand washing exterior of cabinets and drawers in bathrooms and kitchen

- Hand washing all doors/door frames and light switch plates

- Window blind/window sill washing (mini blinds excluded due to their fragile nature)

Additional Add-on’s:

*Add-ons must be requested in advance so we can adjust our time for your appointment.

- Interior fridge cleaning: $60

- Interior oven cleaning: $45

- Interior window washing: $5/per window

- Change bed sheets: $10 per bed (If requested we can strip the beds, wash & dry the sheets, and then replace them back onto the beds)

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